Multiple decoiling line 2.000 kg

automatic sheet change-over with a powered coil selector vertical MTV

The efficient production of blanks for profiles and flashings requires keeping a wide range of entirely different coils on hand. To allow rapid access to different coils, we developed a multiple decoiling system featuring automatic sheet changeover.


Forstner guarantees simplest loading of coils on cantilever or drop in decoilers, easy infeeding of various coils over guideways, automatic coil change-over of max. 9 different coils by the vertically adjustable coil selector MTV, optional plastic film sticking on sheets, manual or programmable straightening and accurate slitting and cutting to length of all type of materials in different widths and lengths directly from coil. You can expect straight blanks, free of burrs and free of marks.


The latest Forstner control ensures simplest and safest operation of the line. The operation of the line is a children’s game because of self-explanatory symbols on the full colour 9” touch panel. The standard software of the control offers numerous useful functions for example coil and machine management.

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