nuVIEW - The service technician in your pocket

We are now offering our customers the opportunity to receive support via nuVIEW, a tool that gives the word telephone support a whole new meaning.  

nuVIEW enables support anytime, anywhere. The tool uses the camera in your smartphone so our technicians can see what you see. This enables faster support, easier investigation of problems and quick problem solving without customers having to install anything. By sending an SMS with a link, our technicians can quickly and easily connect to your smartphone.    

  • Easy to use by mobile phone  

  • Shorter downtimes  

  • Lower costs  

  • NuVIEW is included for contract customers  

nuVIEW is an AR tool that enables knowledge transfer using voice, gestures, pointers and still images with someone who is in a completely different place. With the unique 'hands-overlay' technology, the expert can guide you from a distance as if he were on site.  

For more information on nuVIEW and other service-related questions, please call: +43 5522 74309-27