The CIDAN RAPIDO is an electric guillotine shear that works completely independently of oil or hydraulics, underlining our philosophy regarding the environment with very little energy and low noise levels. The drive system with eccentrics, hold-down bars and a hold-down system that can be positioned up to 25mm from the blades, allows easy and practical cutting of narrow strips. The RAPIDO shears are equipped with the CutLink control system, which is able to store several programs. The machine works automatically from one program line to the next. This already well-equipped machine also has a wide range of options, including various backgauge and sheet handling systems.
The CIDAN shear EVO shear is the strongest in our line of mechanical guillotine shears. With the blade gap adjustment, sheet support, and table rails with t-groove as standard features, this machine comes well equipped with far more than just the “must-have’s”.

The blade gap adjustment makes it possible to always achieve the best cutting result, regardless of the material’s thickness. The sheet support follows the sheet down for the entire cutting operation, assisting with safety and more consistent cuts every time. The table rails with t-groove allows for quick and accurate adjustments, making it easier to meet the customer’s need in an expeditious manner.

Even though it’s our strongest shear, the EVO shear is still suitable for handling sensitive material with the wide variety of sheet handling equipment and pneumatic sheet support options available.