Multiple decoiling line 6x2000kg (4400lbs)

automatic sheet change-over with a powered coil selector MT - flexible production

The efficient production of blanks requires keeping a wide range of entirely different coils on hand. To allow rapid access to different sheets, we developed a multiple decoiling system featuring automatic sheet change-over in less than 1 minute.


Our objectives in developing this line were:


  • fully automatic sheet change-over in the shortest possible time
  • manual upper straightening shafts adjustment
  • manual adjustment of slitting knives
  • the simplest possible operating
  • retrofitting
  • lower acquisition costs
  • one-worker operation
  • space savings


The Forstner fully-automatic decoiling, slitting and cut to length line offers features that an industrial production manager has only dreamed about. This line fulfills the demanding requirements of any sheet metal working industry.


Two to max six powered, cantilever, manually expandable decoilers provide all advantages for efficient loading by fork lift, crane or scissor coil car and decoil or recoil your coils smoothly. 

The sheet metal guide-lanes facilitate feeding the sheet into the powered coil selector and prevent damage to the surface of the coils. The guideways are non-powered but guarantee the recoiling of your valuable material.

The coil change-over from one material to another is a fully automatic function of the coil selector and can easily be done by one operator. Changing from one coil width to the other is also an automatic process with the help of the powered edge-guide MFA.

Whenever a new coil is selected, the upper straightening shafts must be adjusted manually into a new position to ensure the straightening quality. The coil-set is eliminated. Marks or lines from the upper straightening shafts can only be prevented by opening the upper straightening shafts during the standstill using the optional programmable straightener with sensitive material mode. We propose the programmable straightener when you are going to process sensitive material for high-quality and visible end products.

The heart of this line is the slitter with manual knife adjustment and scrap prevention. All assembled knives are positioned in a short time efficiently and the upper knives are deactivated for cutting to length only or for scrap prevention.

Fast, burr less and precise cuts from the electric guillotine shear are achieved throughout the long life-time of this line.

The control makes the operation of the line a pleasure. The advanced control SPS-F2 version is outstanding not only for reliability, flexibility and precision but especially for ease of operation and unbeatable results. You can see easy understandable and logic symbols instead of text on the touch panel. An external programming can optionally be realized as well. More options for example remote control for decoilers and coil car, remote maintenance are often used by the industry.

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