Slitting and recoiling line for small coils

efficient fabrication of light and narrow coils

A compact and inexpensive slitting and recoiling line especially for metal suppliers and such large-scale sheet metal operations as metal roofing suppliers, ventilation duct shops, spiral tube producers, structural-section fabricators, punching shops etc. is an economic complement to high speed slitting lines. The Forstner recoiling line excellently proves for flexible jobs of small and medium volumes.


A separator arm with separator discs prevents the stripes from running. The coils are clamped in a stable frame by a clamping bar in a cantilever, manually expandable and motor driven mandrel. An electric motor with frequency converter recoils with an adjustable torque. After finishing the recoiling process the pneumatic pressing rollers hold the coils on the mandrel. One operator is able to bind all coils safely and efficiently. A pneumatically operated scissor lift supports the coils for unloading. The coils can easily be pulled of the mandrel after reducing the diameter on rollers. For the light recoiler an optional undercarriage with rails for an alternative use of a heavier recoiler is available. Light or narrow coils can be tipped 90° with an optional roller tipping table with end stop to vertically store the coils on a pallet. The PLC type SPS-L2 is a simply usable control for any recoiler. A one-man operation is only possible by using the standard footswitch.

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