Decoiler AG 3000 a1hu and AG 3000 a1ho

Metal roofer, hall and facades construction and industry

Decoiler for 3000kg, powered, bearing on one side , hydraulic expansion, stationary or stackable.


Coil is loaded directly on the cantilevered mandrel by crane, fork lift or coil car. The mandrel is hydraulically expandable.


VERSION: stationary or stackable
ADVANTAGE: easy coil loading, powered de- and recoiling
USAGE: frequent coil changes and mostly sensitive product surfaces


OPTIONS: higher speed, larger inside diameter AG-AS,  hydraulic pressing roll DR, paper-recoiler P-AUG, scissor coil lift SHT, dancer arm TA, roller guide lane RB, undercarriage UG, delivery table ÜT, remote control SPS-FF

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